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Unlike aerial fireworks which are, essentially, a night sky show on their own, ground / stage fireworks are used primarily as a localized spectacular pyrotechnic highlight of specific moments of an event.

For example, we use ground fireworks at the lighting of Christmas trees, at the entrance of guests of honor in ceremonies, as welcoming of a star singer or Dj during a concert, etc.

Our ground fireworks can be combined with the decoration of the event and can offer a unique bright picture at your ceremony or event that you will never forget.

We carry a large assortment of ground fireworks as we are the exclusive distributor in Cyprus of Le Maitre ( the most established manufacturer of stage and special effects pyrotechnics. The quality of these items allows us to offer the magic of fireworks at your event with absolute safety.

In every case firing is done by us according to customer specifications using our specialized firing system. Unlike aerial fireworks, no license is required for ground fireworks in Cyprus.






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  • LeMaitre 6 meter, 4 meter, 3 meter fountains, 25, 60 second duration.
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  • fountains-cyprus-fireworks2
  • fountains-cyprus-fireworks3


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  • Smokeless – odorless cold flame fountains 2, 3 meters, 20, 30 seconds duration
  • Low fog machines
  • Confetti blower machines
  • Exploding helium balloons
  • Lemaitre machine fountains


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  • C3
  • C4
  • C5


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For the construction of burning logos use special German lances that do not emit smoke and are comfortably visible from an adequate distance.
Our standard letter size is approximately 乐猫游戏app下载ipad. We can construct any letter, shape and logo according to customer specifications and at any practical size.

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  • L2
  • L3
  • L4



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(Theatrical mines, flashes, airbursts, comets, maroons, flames, flares, colored smokes, glitter, silver jets etc.)

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